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Tall White Terrazzo Pot/Planter Small

Tall White Terrazzo Pot/Planter Small

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Tall White Terrazzo Plant Pot/Planter Small

  • This eye-catching planter is the perfect container for plants, flowers or other greenery of your choice, or you can choose to leave it empty or use it to display other items in your home. The unique shape will look great in any room or outdoor space.
  • The planter is made of cement and has a lovely shape, placing greenery uniquely and beautifully.
  • A variety of models to choose from, there are different sizes of a single set and a combination of large and small three sets of matching, you can choose at will according to their needs.
  • With drainage holes, is to allow excess water to flow out over time.
  • Dimensions: Height-40cm, Width-30cm
SKU: E1008-1S

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